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2014 Presentations

Presentations for the 2014 Berks Photographic Conference

Descriptions of the programs and presenter bio’s follow below

Michele Celentano

Creating Family Portraits that sell BIG!!!

Get your Group On……

Portrait Photography…. From Ordinary to Extraordinary! Workshop (extra cost add-on, not included with conference registration)

Ed Heaton

Creating Compelling Landscape Images

Landscape Workshop at the PA German Cultural Heritage Center (extra cost add-on, not included with conference registration)

Roman Kurywczak

Nature Inspired

Photographing the Nighttime Landscape

Photographing Wildlife – From Portraits to Action

Hazel Meredith

Working with Textures & Overlays – Turn Ho-Hum into a Work of Art

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging

Mike Moats

Taking Your Macro to a Higher Level

Macro Shooting Gallery (hands on workshop-bring your camera)

Harold Ross

Sculpting with Light

Creating Family Portraits that sell BIG!!! by Michele Celentano

Creating Family Portraits that sell BIG!!!

Family portraits can be the most profitable product line in your studio.

If you have ever wondered how to make people look so good they love every portrait you create – don’t miss this learning experience.

Michele will be covering how to pose subjects in a natural relaxed way, making people look thinner and younger without using a computer, and using three critical communication skills to get great expressions.

Michele Celentano, a Canon Explorer of Light will be sharing her insight into photographing people and creating consistent and beautiful portraits.

Learn how to sell wall portraits and family albums using simple techniques that will separate you from all the “Holly Hobbyists” in your area!

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Get Your Group On!!! by Michele Celentano

Get your Group On……
Simple techniques for posing people in groups of 2 to 100….

Almost all genres of photographing at some time or another require posing groups of people together.  This is one of the most feared tasks photographers often face. Whether you photograph weddings, families, corporate events, schools or teams you will gain great insight into posing groups of all sizes quickly and without stressing.

Michele will be covering: posing subjects in a natural relaxed way, putting groups of all sizes together, making people look thinner and younger without using a computer, getting those little ones to cooperate and many other ideas that will take your portraits to the next level. She will demonstrate different types of posing from standing to sitting on the ground and using different types of chairs.  Be prepared to be onstage if you attend this program.  As many people as possible will participate in a large group pose….
You will be amazed at how fast groups can be assembled.

In today’s market great posing and lighting skills are so important… cameras, lenses and computer techniques will only go so far.  Your best images start with you and with what you create in the camera.  You will walk away from this seminar with new ideas you can put to good use right away!

Michele Celentano, a Canon Explorer of Light will be sharing her insight into photographing people and creating consistent and beautiful portraits. You will gain insight into posing, the three languages of posing and communication skills.

Get ready for a high energy experience.  We are going to get our group on!

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Portrait Photography…. From Ordinary to Extraordinary! by Michele Celentano

Taking Your Photography To The Next Level Taking your photography from ordinary to extraordinary!  Ever wonder how professionals create the images they do….?  Here is your chance to spend an afternoon with an internationally known photographer/educator.

Michele Celentano, a Canon Explorer of Light, has been a professional photographer for nearly 25 years and has been a prominent educator in the field for more than 15.  From Puerto Rico to Hawaii and from small intimate workshops to large conventions, Michele has the experience to help you learn and grow as an artist. Most recently Michele has published a best selling photography book “Photographing Families Tips for Capturing Timeless Images“.

In this high energy, fast paced, intensive workshop…. Michele will share techniques and tips on how to create professional looking images.  You will learn to use available light, find light direction, choose backgrounds and locations. Michele will teach techniques on how to put groups of people together in a natural relaxed way.

Learn the three languages of posing and the art of working with all kinds of people. Michele will be teaching you how to use different lenses, appropriate lens height, composition techniques, color harmony and so much more. If you have a desire to create beautiful images of children and families you won’t want to miss the amazing experience.

This four hour workshop is perfect for those photographers looking increase their working knowledge of camera and lighting techniques as well as posing and working with people.

Creating Compelling Landscape Images by Ed Heaton

Creating Compelling Landscape Images” will cover the overlooked and sometimes forgotten aspects of image design and the all-important role that light plays in creating dramatic and spectacular images!  Join Ed as he talks in-depth about how to get a better understanding of the basic and advanced concepts of composing compelling compositions and using light to make extraordinary images from ordinary subjects!

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Landscape Workshop at the PA German Cultural Heritage Center by Ed Heaton

Note: This is an extra cost add-on workshop on Sunday afternoon after the conference.

This field workshop will cover the overlooked and sometimes forgotten aspects of image design and the all-important role that light plays in creating dramatic and spectacular images! Join us to get a better understanding of the basic and advanced image design techniques.

The Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University is a museum and research center dedicated to the preservation of Pennsylvania German heritage. It is located on the historic Sharadin Farmstead and within walking distance from the conference site.

On the site is a stone farmhouse, a cold storage wash house, butcher house (both circa 1800), a Swiss-style bank barn (1871), a corn-crib shed and an inverted corn crib (circa 1890), a pigsty (1928), an outhouse and an authentically-restored one room school (circa 1870). Also included on the property is old time farm equipment.

Photographing the Nighttime Landscape by Roman Kurywczak

Roman KurywczakFew photographers ever consider photographing landscapes at night. Roman offers a series of techniques and tips that will open your eyes to the incredible possibilities. He explains such matters as:

  • Choice of equipment, exposure considerations and subject choice.
  • How to “light paint” foregrounds for maximum impact.
  • How to capture both star points and star trails for a dramatic backdrop.
  • How to overcome common obstacles when conditions are less than ideal.

You can find galleries, blog, gear reviews, nighttime landscape e-book, and more at: www.roaminwithroman.com

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Nature Inspired by Roman Kurywczak

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Photographing Wildlife – from Portraits to Action by Roman Kurywczak

This exciting educational program will cover everything you will need to know about photographing wildlife in the field. The photographic journey will cover exotic locations such as Tanzania but also include many tips for photographing wildlife closer to home in some unexpected places.  Minimum gear requirements will be discussed for both the safety of the wildlife and the photographer.  Camera settings will be covered including what mode to use as well as choosing the right ISO for wildlife portrait work as well as action photography.  There will be plenty of images examples showing how those settings will provide impact to your images.  The program concludes with an in depth segment on photographing birds in flight.

You can find galleries, blog, gear reviews, nighttime landscape e-book, and more at: www.roaminwithroman.com

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Working with Textures & Overlays – Turn Ho-Hum into a Work of Art by Hazel Meredith

Don’t delete that digital image! Do you sometimes have a shot that you really like….a subject that is hard to capture….a place you may not get to again….but it’s not perfect? Turn that “almost” good shot into a work of art by utilizing textures and overlays.

Maybe it’s a bird in flight – the bird looks great, but the sky is blah. Use another sky image as an overlay, or add a texture – or both!

Maybe it’s a nice flower shot – good color and composition, but it’s not quite tack sharp. Use textures to turn it into a fine art image!

Textures are everywhere – there are many free and for purchase ones online, however, you can create your own textures from photos of everyday objects – I’ll show you how and where to find them.

There is much you can do to create a beautiful work of art. Working with layers and blending modes, I will show you how easy it is!

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging by Hazel Meredith

Our eyes can see a much greater dynamic range of light in a scene than our digital cameras can capture. A way to capture what we see is to take multiple exposures of a scene by bracketing (taking one “correct” exposure and then one or more over-exposed shots and one or more under-exposed shots to capture the full range of light).

You can then merge these photos in a dedicated program such as Photomatix Pro by HDRsoft. I will demonstrate how to obtain a “natural” look in HDR as well as some of the more “creative” styles

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Taking Your Macro to a Higher Level by Mike Moats

This lecture will cover how to make your macro art stand out and take it to a higher level.  Why one image works better than another, finding character in nature, and two subject compositions.

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Macro Shooting Gallery by Mike Moats

Bring your camera, macro lens, tripod and join in on the fun, as Mike will have lots of great subjects to photograph in the Macro Shooting Gallery.  It was a success last year and everyone that participated had a great time.

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Sculpting with Light by Harold Ross

Join Harold as he discusses the power and advantages of light painting, and how the technique can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. His use of light painting reveals tremendous texture, dimension and shape, and reveals things that are normally beyond the eye’s scope.


2014 Presenters


Michele Celentano

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Michele Celentano

After 25 years of experience, her passion for transforming photographs into treasured memories for families only continues to grow.

Michele Celentano is the author of “Photographing Families – Tips for Capturing Timeless Images”.  Most recently she appeared on CreativeLive.com for a three day workshop about photographing families that was viewed globally by more than 30,000  photographers.

Michele is one of an elite group of photographers to be sought out by Canon USA to represent their company as an Explorer of Light.  Only 50 photographers nationwide hold this honor.  Michele and her images have been featured in numerous advertisements for Canon and their professional line of cameras.  She is a regular and popular presenter for Canon at trade shows throughout the county.

Michele was awarded her Craftsmen Degree from the Professional Photographers of America and the Accolade of Photographic Mastery from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.  Her artwork has been published in literary works such as Rangefinder, American Photographer, Shutterbug, Studio Photography as well as numerous books on the art of photography.

In addition to running her portrait business, Michele continues to travel internationally to teach and lecture on the subject of portrait photography.

You can find her at:
@MichCelentano on Twitter

Ed Heaton

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Ed Heaton

Ed is a published and award-winning professional photographer/educator residing in
Chester County, Pennsylvania. Along with being a “Tamron Image Master”, Ed has been
hailed by Outdoor Photographer Magazine as a “Landscape Master”. For more than a
decade, he has been teaching workshops, seminars and classes, which truly reflect his
passion for education, bolstering his impact on photography. With his extensive
knowledge of composition, light and technique, he is able to create extraordinary depth
in his images exhibiting the mastery level of his artisanship.

Ed’s work has appeared in many prestigious photography magazines. His quality of
work and vision has earned him fourteen professional sponsors, which include

Op/Tech USA
Athentech – Perfectly Clear
Helicon Soft
Nik Software
Manfrotto Distribution
Topaz Labs
Kolor Autopano
Photograph America
DXO Labs

You can find Ed at: www.edheaton.com

Roman Kurywczak

Roman Kurywczak     Sponsored by  NEWsigmaLogo

Roman was born and raised in NJ and started out attending art school in NY for graphic design in the mid-1980’s. During that time, Roman received his first film camera and that moment changed the direction of his life forever! The camera allowed Roman to combine his love of our natural world by giving him the tool to capture all that beauty in an artistic way.  Roman immersed himself in all technical aspects of photography, from his humble beginnings in a camera club, to now being a full time professional nature photographer, and a proud member of the SIGMA pro team.

In 2003 Roman started his own photography tour company called Roamin’ with Roman, that caters to small groups (only 4 participants in the US) and provides individualized attention.  The company has since grown to include international destinations but the satisfaction Roman gets from teaching on his instructional tours remains one of his most memorable photographic achievements and drives him to this day.

Roman continues to speak/lecture about nature photography both locally and nationally with a countless number of presentations over the last 5 years. Roman still lives in NJ and has been married to his wife Pura since 1989. She has always been his biggest supporter and is the one who gave Roman that first camera!  She also gave him his greatest gift in his two sons, Gregory and Ian, and he knows that he is truly blessed.

In February of 2011,Roman released his e-book; “A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky” and it is available as a download on his website: www.roaminwithroman.com There you will also find more information on Roman’s instructional tours, speaking schedule, as well as numerous galleries, gear reviews, and his blog.


Hazel Meredith

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Hazel Meredith, APSA, MNEC

Hazel is involved with the photographic community on local, regional and national levels. She is currently treasurer and webmaster of the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club; member of the New Haven Camera Club; secretary of the Connecticut Association of Photographers; and a Vice President on the board of the New England Camera Club Council. She is also active in the Photographic Society of America and is the Camera Club & Council News Columnist for the PSA “Journal”.

Her photos have won many awards and competitions in the past few years in both local club competitions and international salons. She has over 125 acceptances in PSA-sanctioned exhibitions, and she has also received four bronze stars and two silver stars for her journalistic efforts. In 2008 she received an honors distinction of Master Member of the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC) during its annual conference and in 2012 received the PSA Service Award. In September, 2013, she was awarded the distinction of APSA from the Photographic Society of America at their annual conference.

Hazel currently teaches for two local adult education programs as well as at local camera clubs and several regional conferences. She enjoys being active in the photographic community and helping others find the joy and satisfaction in taking and perfecting beautiful images.

Visit her website at:


Mike Moats

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Mike Moats

Mike Moats is an award winning pro macro photographer from Michigan.  His articles and images have been published in many major photo magazines and he has written several how-to macro and photo business book/ebooks.  He is one of Tamron’s master macro photographers, and was a member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team, and owns the “MacroNatureForum.com”.  Mike offers three day Macro Boot Camps all across the country.

To see more about Mike, visit his websites at:

Harold Ross


Born into a military family in 1956, Harold grew up in New Mexico and Germany. His parents were adventurous, and took the family on outings almost every weekend… hiking in the desert, horseback riding and camping in the mountains, exploring castles and old gardens in Germany and camping in Italy. These outings, of course, left many lasting impressions.

After moving back with his family to the U.S., Harold began photographing. As a young teenager, he bought his first camera, a GAF Instamatic. He still has the camera today.

Harold is deeply influenced by the work of Wynn Bullock and W. Eugene Smith.

He earned a B.F.A from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), after which he produced fine art and taught photography at the college level for several years.

A full time professional photographer since 1979, Harold has been creating distinctive work in the studio as well as in the night landscape. Harold specializes in Light Painting, a technique involving “painting” the light over a long time exposure. He also teaches workshops in light painting and regularly gives lectures on his methods.

His large scale color work has been exhibited, published and collected in the U.S. and internationally. In 2011, Harold was invited to participate in an exhibition of landscape photography in Inner Mongolia, along with 10 American and 20 Chinese photographers. Recent publications include Photo China Magazine as well as LensWork #93 and Ukraine Photographer, among others. He was also  chosen as one of four photographers to exhibit in the inaugural FRESH 2011, at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

You can see more of Harold’s work at his website: http://www.haroldrossfineart.com/



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