Sculpting With Light


Harold Ross

NOTE: Due to a family emergency, Harold will not be able to present at the 2015 conference. There will be a replacement program by Lisa Cuchara.

Sponsored by Wacom and Capture One

Join noted photographer Harold Ross for a presentation on Sculpting with Light, a technique that he has been perfecting for more than 25 years.

Harold will show you how his method of light painting can absolutely transform the ordinary subject into something remarkable.

His lighting technique reveals extraordinary detail, shape, and dimension in his subjects.
Harold will explain what Sculpting with Light means to him, the advantages of light painting in still life and landscape photography, his Six Principles of Lighting, and in reviewing some of his work, he will explain how these principles work in practice and he’ll show why his process is so transformative.

After his talk on Sculpting with Light, watch live as Harold photographs a still life using light painting, explaining why he uses particular angles, distance and motion of the light. He’ll explain why the lighting tools needed are very few and quite inexpensive. Harold will also show how he balances color for differing light sources. Then, follow along as Harold demonstrates the simple use of layers and masking in Photoshop to finalize the image. You will see how these simple techniques, combined with proper lighting, gives us an amazing amount of creative control in our images.

This will be an information packed program. Be prepared to be inspired!

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