White Reveals, Black Hides: Masking Your Way to a Better Photograph


Lisa Cuchara

Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo and Video

Come and learn about adjustment layers, creative layers, and masking. Expand your post-processing capabilities by learning about LAYERS, the heart of Photoshop, and MASKS, the soul of Photoshop.

Selective editing will make your photographs POP! From exposure to contrast, dodging & burning, blurring the background, selective coloring, selective focus (even creating a Lensbaby effect in Photoshop), etc. Lisa will demonstrate “non-destructive” editing in Photoshop and will show you how to use layers and masks to enhance your images. Adjustment layers and filters can be applied to an entire image, but sometimes you just want to tweak part of an image, which is where masks come in. The advantage of using layer masks is that you can refine both the effect and the area being changed at any point, even after you save and re-open an image. White reveals, black conceals, and shades of gray provide a variety of opacities — this one simple concept is essential for anyone using the digital darkroom to enhance their images!

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